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Why I'm not in Facebook?
Text and a picture: Reino Laukkanen
April 24, 2016
A Facebook?
 When Facebook was a new thing, I thought that is a good idea. So I joined it.
 Then one day Facebook told me to write down what I think today. So I wrote something, just a little piece of things in my mind..
 It wasn’t going to be published, it was too long, 140 characters is the maximum to be accepted.
 I didn’t give up. I wrote my message with Word, I cut it in three pieces and I put it in Facebook. What happened? This is what the reader saw: The last paragraph was the first, the middle section was in the middle, which was fine, and the first paragraph was the last. What is the use of that kind of messaging? Too much work for just a little message. What about then when I really want to say something?.
 In Facebook, You are like in a family meeting. There are young and old people. There are people you have known since childhood and there are people, you have known just for some months. There are your dearest friends and people you happen to know very lightly. What can you share with all those people?
Well, you can make groups, but how to put people in to groups when one person can belong to two or even more groups?
 Then there is the question of privacy. I see no meaning telling when I am where and with whom. I appreciate other people’s precious time so much that I don’t want to give that kind of disinformation. In the worst case only burglars and criminals are interested in those facts.
 How I live and what I do can be found out indirectly by the stories I write to e.g. It takes time to make those stories.
 Then there is the most obvious and shortest answer. I don’t have time for it. And this is also the answer why I am not in Twitter. You may be able to write an opinion, if it is short, but there is no room for arguments..
 My company, Studio LUMI, and may be in Facebook in the near future, but that is another story.
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